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24 of 59 items

About Landcruiser 79 Series Suspension

We offer a variety of suspension parts specifically designed to enhance your LandCruiser 79 Series capability and handling on any terrain. Shop CalOffroad Today and Unleash the Full Potential of Your Landcruiser 79 Series!

Level Up Your Landcruiser 79's Ride

Whether you're looking for a smoother ride on bumpy tracks or increased ground clearance for tackling obstacles, CalOffroad has the right parts for you. Browse our selection of:

Shock Absorbers and Struts: Enhance your Landcruiser79 Serie's damping control for a more comfortable and controlled ride, especially when venturing off the beaten path.

Coil Springs: Upgrade your coil springs to improve handling and increase ride height, allowing you to fit larger tyres for better off-road performance.

Leaf Springs and Parts: Strengthen your 79 Series’ suspension with heavy-duty leaf springs and parts, perfect for carrying additional weight or towing trailers.

Lift Kits: Give your Landcruiser a commanding stance and superior ground clearance with a Lift Kit. Choose from various lift heights to conquer any challenge with confidence.

Additional Off-Road Essentials for Your 79 Series

CalOffroad offers more than just suspension upgrades. Explore our collection of essential off-road accessories to further equip your Landcruiser 79 Series:

Diff Track Correction Kits: Ensure proper wheel alignment after lifting your suspension for optimal handling and tyre wear with a diff track correction kit.

Greasable Shackles and Pins: Maintain smooth suspension movement and reduce wear on critical components with high-quality greasable shackles and pins.

Steering Dampers: Minimise steering wobble and improve handling, especially at high speeds on rough terrain.

Don't let your stock suspension hold you back. Browse CalOffroad's extensive range of suspension parts and off-road accessories today. We have everything you need to transform your Landcruiser 79 Series into an unstoppable off-road machine!

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Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series Suspension FAQs

Do I need new shock absorbers if I install a lift kit?

Yes, lift kits typically alter the travel distance of your suspension. Standard shocks might not be compatible, and new shocks designed for the lift height are recommended.

What lift height is right for my Landcruiser?

The ideal lift height depends on your off-road needs. Lower lifts (2-3 inches) offer moderate clearance without sacrificing stability. Higher lifts (3-4+ inches) provide maximum ground clearance but might affect handling.

Why is a diff track correction kit necessary after a lift kit installation?

Lifting your suspension can alter the alignment between your wheels and axles. Diff track correction kits restore proper alignment for optimal handling, tyre wear, and safety.

What is CalOffroad's return policy for suspension parts?

All suspension related return requests require before and after height measurements from the centre of the wheel to the guard on each corner. Suspension final heights are estimated heights and can vary on vehicles depending on what load each vehicle is carrying. If you are not happy with the ride quality there can be many factors. Do you have the correct tyre pressure, is there too much weight behind the rear axle, do you have a lot of weight up top? If there are more factors involved we need to know so we can help determine if you need any extras.