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CalOffroad Landcruiser 79 Series Tour Pack

2 x CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein Front Shocks

2 x CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein Rear Shocks

2 x CalOffroad Platinum Series Front coils

2 x Rear leaf springs (for 550kg+ springs add $100 per spring)

1 x Leaf spring bush kit

4 x Ubolts

2 x Greasable Pins

CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein 70 series 76-79 series front and rear shocks for 2" lift feature 

  • IFP internal floating piston Technology
  • Designed in Australia
  • Made in Germany
  • CalOffroad Platinum Finish for better corosion protection and long lasting
  • external bumpstop technology, hidden under dust boot to help with fast bottom outs
  • floating bush tube on front upper to allow more travel and shock bushing long life 

CalOffroad has strong roots with Toyota that began in the early 80s.Spending time in the USA with industry leaders building the latest in vehicle design and offroad suspension technology. Testing offroad designs in Moab Utah and Colorado. CalOffroad has a family history of covering most of Australias remote and outback destinations. We have our own offroad testing facsility that we use to refine and develope products. This combined experience allows us to create the most advanced 4wheel drive suspension components available in Australia and anywhere in the world.

With the over 30 years of 4x4 and suspension developement with Toyota this has helped us bring the most advanced technology into our suspension range.

CalOffroad has developed the Platinum Bilstein Series creating the most advanced and Smoothest Bilstein shock absorbers for the Landcruiser 70 series. This has been the delelopement efforts of over 14 months of R&D with the leading Bilstein engineers allowing us to bring you the most advanced Bilstein shock absorbers  on the market for your Toyota.

we have refind these shocks over the years through platform changes to bring you the world leading shocks they are today.

The CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein shocks are not a rebranded Bilstein from some other model car. these are purpose built from Bilstein Germany to meet the stringent quality requirements for CalOffroad to make your Toyota looks and rides the way you want and to be the most reliable for on and offroad.

Using our over 30 years of experience allows us to bring you the best components creating the CalOffroad Smoothest Ride on Earth 

CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein struts and shocks feature the proprietry valving and IFP (internal floating piston technology, this IFP seperates the high pressure nitrogen gas from the oil eliminating shock fade and oil foaming

these are not the cheaper USA versions they are the high end fully rebuildiable IFP technology shocks made in Germany

CalOffroad Platinum Bilstein struts and shocks are Designed in Australia Made in the High end Bilstein Germany factory.

The vehicle specific upper mounts include a rotating crush tube to allow for more wheel travel without causing shock bind. both ends run a low maintenance bush system that isolates road noise and vibration. 

 For the most advance Bilstein shock for your Toyota Landcruiser look no further 

The CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein shocks are the are a high end shock absorber Designed in Australia and built in the Bilstein High Performance Factory in Germany.

with over 14months of R&D, design and testing put into these shocks CalOffroad are proud to release one of the most advanced shocks on the market for rasing your Landcruiser 

Our bolt-on Platinum Series front and rear shocks are loaded with advanced technology and a long list of features that make it the most comforatble and reliable setup.

The precision honed intenal body allows for perfect tolerance for the proprietry IFP (internal floating Piston ) Technology and the main piston body.

Machined ring eyes allow for accurate bushing fitments.

CalOffroad Platinum Bilstein body increases cooling capacity. 

Inside is an internal reservoir with proprietry  (IFP)Internal Floating Piston technology

mono tube design with IFP seperates the shock oil from the nitrogen charged highpressure gas chamber. The IFP stops air mixing with the oil to  eliminate aeration allowing consistent maximum performance from this high end shock absorber. These shocks have valving develpoed in Australia and are factory-tuned to meet the high demands of the Australian terrain.

The CalOffroad Platinum Series struts and shocks are fully rebuildable

these shocks are valved specific and help eliminate the wallow feel of the landcruiser

Designed specifically to suit on and off-road vehicles, the CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein Offroad gas-pressure shock absorber is the perfect suspension solution. This version of the BILSTEIN B6 shock absorber has been adapted to fullfill Australian 4 Wheel Drive requirements. The CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein Offroad shock absorber has been developed to reduce the kind of undesirable handling dynamics such as uncontrolled movements that are so inherent in 4WDs thanks to their high structure. 

Over 50 years of development has gone into the technology that has been implemented in the design of the BILSTEIN B6 Offroad shock absorber. Gas pressure technology means that the BILSTEIN B6 Offroad shock absorber offers consistent performance no matter what, an all-important trait when tackling the unforgiving Aussie terrain. 

Using a larger piston in its mono-tube design, the CalOffroad Platinum Bilstein Offroad shock absorber offers greater performance reserves and an extended service life, even when put through strenuous driving conditions, such as towing or off-road applications. You can expect optimum road adhesion and enhanced lane change stability in day-to-day applications as well as extreme situations thanks to CalOffroads Platinum Bilstein precise damper settings, both aspects that often leave a lot to be desired in large 4WDs. 

Extensive testing and fine tuning has been undertaken to ensure that fitting CalOffroad Platinum Bilstein Offroad shock absorbers to your 4WD improves handling performance across all regards. Offering a higher load carrying capacity as well as a higher degree of vehicle control, the CalOffroad Platinum Bilstein Offroad shock absorber increases 4WD capability across all driving conditions, from the black top to the off-road trails.

CalOffroad Leaf Springs are engineered to the highest quality to enhance the off-road performance of your 79 Series Land Cruiser. Our leaf springs are equipped with proprietary wear pads between each leaf, significantly reducing vibration and road noise to create a quieter and more enjoyable ride. Common problems found in other brands can include squeaking and rubbing as each leaf grinds on the other. Caloffroad has solved this issue on our leaf spring packs through our proprietary wear pads, as they eliminate direct contact between the leaves. Each leaf pack comes in different weight options, allowing you to set up your ride just the way you need; whether you are carrying no load, work tools, or heading on a desert trip, we have the kit for you. Run our CalOffroad Leaf Springs for the smoothest ride on earth. 

Product details:

  • Suited to the Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series (2012 on)
  • Will increase the ride height 
  • Includes proprietary wear pads
  • Improves wheel travel


Product Specifications

Brand CalOffroad Platinum
Product 4x4 Lift Kit
Sold As Kit
Vehicle Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series 2012 on

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