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About Our GVM Upgrades

Conquer weight limits and unlock your off-road potential with CalOffroad's GVM upgrade kits! Increase your vehicle's legal carrying capacity to safely pack more gear, tow trailers with confidence, and tackle challenging terrain. 

Our engineered upgrades enhance performance and comply with Australian regulations for peace of mind. Browse GVM upgrades designed for popular 4x4 models as the perfect solution for your adventures. Unleash the freedom to explore further and experience the benefits of a GVM upgrade today!

Want to take your suspension to the next level? Explore our 4x4 suspension upgrades for an even more optimised off-road experience.

Why Choose CalOffroad's GVM Upgrades?

Our GVM upgrades aren't just about capacity; they improve handling and stability. Upgraded components like heavy-duty springs, shocks, and braking systems ensure your vehicle performs optimally under increased load.

CalOffroad's GVM upgrades are engineered to meet Australian Standards (AS) and comply with legal requirements. Each kit comes with comprehensive installation guides and is backed by our commitment to quality.

GVM Upgrade FAQs

What is a GVM Upgrade?

A GVM upgrade is a legal modification that increases your vehicle's allowable carrying capacity. This means you can pack more essential gear – roof racks, winches, bull bars, spare tires – and tow trailers with confidence.

When will I receive my GVM Upgrade?

We will always endeavour to have your order leave our warehouse on the same business day. For orders that need to be assembled, shipping may take an additional 2 business days. Depending on the Australian shipping address, delivery may take up to a week. Larger/Heavy items shipped to your business address or freight depot may take up to two weeks. View our shipping policy to learn more.

Does a GVM upgrade increase towing capacity?

No, a GVM upgrade does not directly increase your towing capacity. A GVM upgrade focuses on increasing the Gross Vehicle Mass, which is the total weight your vehicle can legally carry, including passengers, cargo, and itself. Your vehicle's towing capacity is a separate specification determined by the manufacturer and considers factors like engine power, transmission, and braking system.